Vanessa has always been a supporter for female empowerment and she launched this project with the purpose of making a difference in women’s lives by advancing and strengthening female entrepreneurship.

Our fabrics are produced by talented Brazilian artisans who, with their skills and knowledge of manual weaving techniques, generate income and livelihoods. 

Brand’s main goals: 

Supporting female entrepreneurship. Our motto is “made by women for women” because we truly believe in the importance of boosting and nurturing women’s talents, thus creating new job opportunities, but also increasing women’s confidence and strength throughout whole communities

We believe that if women stick together and support each other, they can truly achieve anything they dream of and this is what our world needs.

While the designs are an expression of herself, it’s the collaboration with other artists which is key to Vanessa’s approach - the connection and friendship and is what really motivates her, and this mosaic of cultures is reflected in the brand.