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Much more than just a simple belt, Frida is a celebration of the connection of the Vanessa Saroni brand with all the women in the world, that gives birth to a unique mosaic of cultures. Frida is made by many tiny squares of recycled leather and fabric that unite to create something beautiful, just as the women in my amazing team do. When you wear her, your heart will feel warmer, thanks to her loving hug. 

Detailed features  

  • Ethically sourced fabric handwoven in Brazil by local artisans
  • Handwoven Sianinha Fabric in Polyester made with 100% cotton threads made in Brazil
  • Genuine calf barrel tanned leather 
  • Item equipped with dust bag and dedicated packaging
  • Handmade in Italy

Product Information


  • Width: 10 cm


  • 0,162 kg

Our values

Conscious Luxury

Spacious and lightweight and made of 100% handwoven cotton fabric, a special process done entirely by hand by artisans with special manual skills.

Support artisan businesses

The threads presents original wefts colors and bold warps featuring exclusive and unique pattern and innovative design techniques.

Our process

The manufacture of our fabrics is 100% handwoven, ethically sourced, reducing the need for excessive electricity and water use.

Choose sustainability

We believe in sustainable development by promoting environmental conservation and protecting communities.