Experiencing the mixture of cultures of the women that are part of our team and, especially in this collection, although facing the challenge of working almost 100% remotely, we managed to create a surprising harmony by combining old traditions with new technology.

 We work in a hybrid way, uniting digital and manual labour, creating new approaches to fashion collections, adding a deeper meaning to them and enriching them with stories that cross borders and break down cultural barriers. 

Empower Womens

Our goal is to empower women throughcollaboration on viable, artisanal fashion projects.When a woman’s skills and creativity are nurtured,this not only benefits that woman, but all thewomen in her community who are inspired andencouraged by what she has done.


We can describe our inspiration for the creation of the FW20 collection in one sentence:
“A return to the past to reconnect with the present and build a better future together”.

Feminine strength and fragility, tradition and contemporaneity are intertwined. Oppositesthat complement each other.

Sophistication in simplicity, the beauty of imperfection, a sensitivity that allows us to look atour raw identity as a strength and not as a weakness.Possible paths and lines that intersect inspire and give life to our new patterns in Tartan.

Special attention to everything that is classic and timeless, what doesn’t necessarily belongto the past, future or present, because it’s always in style.


Sustainable Manufacturing

At Vanessa Saroni we want to be an active force in redefining fashion, challenging the status quo where overconsumption combined with the aggressive exploitation of humans and resources generates excessive waste and pollutes our planet.



All my bags are handmade, eco-friendly and unique because I believe sustainability shouldn't be just a trend, but a mission for a better future. .

Sustainably Handcrafted

We strive to nurture and protect both the environmental and cultural heritage of our settings; from sourcing the raw materials to providing tenable work opportunities. 

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