This Vanessa Saroni product is manufactured with an artisanal hand woven Brazilian fabric and ethically sourced. It is also constructed with pieces of tanned color leather. The fabric has received a special waterproof protection.
But, it is therefore a delicate product,and any different thread or ribbon variations should not be considered as imperfections because it’s 100%handwoven.    
To make sure your bag or your small leather good remains beautiful for as long as possible we recommend this item be handled with special care, as scratching and natural wear can occur.
When not in use, stuff and store this accessory in the protective dust bag received with purchase. In order to maintain its appearance, we recommend that you use this item gently and avoid over exposure to direct light, moisture and oily products.
If the leather should get wet, let it dry naturally and rub it gently with a soft cloth to maintain original color and avoid water spots.

 Our products are the result of a frequent research for the balance between quality, sustainability and society, through attitudes and good practices in the product cycle as a whole, from the origin of our materials, to the way they are made.