Our mission is to create exquisite timeless pieces using the best fabrics, artisans, and techniques in a way that honours creative heritage, generates sustainable opportunities for local development and supports female entrepreneurship.


We strive to nurture and protect both the environmental and cultural heritage of our settings; from sourcing the raw materials to providing tenable work opportunities. 



Our fabrics and bags are produced according to demand to reduce stored and excess stock. Our packaging is handmade and reusable.

The manufacture of fabrics and bags is mostly manual, reducing the need for excessive electricity and water use. This helps us minimize the environmental impact without compromising economic growth.

We recognise that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the world of fashion in terms of production and consumption patterns and that this change is a joint commitment of both consumers and brands.



We see this as a transgenerational responsibility of Vanessa Saroni. We propose to act and commit to this change.